Wednesday, October 1, 2008

This is so NOT my kitchen!

I watched this video in amazement. My goal should be to have one-half of this much clear space in my kitchen, while hers should be to use one-half of the amount of water to do the job featured here. Win-win.


Wayfaring Wanderer said...

I'd be amazed to find out the point of that video! haha I know what your point was...anyways, my counters definitely don't look like that! I hate the area where "I" pile mail. Wish I could blame that one on Cody, but it's my bad habit :o)

Lydia said...

Good point, what WAS the point of this video? First thing I need to clear off the counters is my stash of vases that I lazily kept within reach all summer for roses!

Wayfaring Wanderer said...

Get this, I not only keep vases on my counter, but I sometimes leave the dead flowers in them for waaaaaaay longer than I need to! Cody starts complaining.....I throw them away.

I can't help it, I like them dead and alive! Maybe I should start pressing them?!

Lydia said...

Wow, if you pressed them I'm sure you'd come up with some artistic way to use them. In our first summer at this house I was thrilled with the variety of roses that bloom on the property. I saved ALL the petals after spreading them to dry on baking sheets (not in the oven). I then transfered them to bowls, and bowls, until I used all our bowls up. Then I made potpourrie jars and put favorite quotes about roses on them and gave them for Christmas that year. (You'd be amazed how many quotes there are about roses out there!)

Suzanne said...

She was illustrating the point of what 5 minutes can accomplish in home care. In the time it takes to prepare her tea, she tidies her kitchen--which is a direct result of not letting it get out of control in the first place.

Lydia said...

Ah, Suzanne, my guru in this process....thanks for making the point clear. This only goes to show you how I need to work on my outlook in order to effect the changes I desire regarding my clutter. Thanks for being here!

Suzanne said...

Guru, LOL, you're funny...and you're welcome. :-)

I also picked up something from you. When I saw the mention to the water wasting, I cast my eyes inward on that one a bit. I tend to let the water run when I'm rinsing the dishes before putting them in the dishwasher. Unlike her, I have 2 full sink loads from dinner to rinse, but still. I'm becoming enlightened on balancing my need to get most of the food off and not using so much water...twice...once to rinse and once to wash. Thank you for your post since it is helping me towards an area I am working on. :-)

Can you find some "microwave minutes", "TV commercial minutes" or any 5 minutes increments in your day to put towards a focus on clearing vases off your countertop?

Remember, for the 365 Days of Decluttering Challenge, we just need to purge one clutter item each day. If the clutter is a vase on the counter (where it is no longer needed, wanted or used while there) and is put away where it should now live, then that counts for your daily decluttering item!

Lydia said...

That tickles me that my comment on her water use served as a reminder to you. When I asked my husband to watch that clip the water issue was the first thing he noticed...
I will definitely check out other videos. Last spring we did a remodel in our laundry room and my part of the project remains: to clear the two cupboards above the W/D, paint them in the trim color, and then to reorganize what I put back there. The vases have a home right there, but no room yet because, as I said, I still haven't painted. I am paralyzed - again - by the contents that are there to be cleared. SO. I will take your counsel and think in terms of one item a day. At least that'll get me further than I've been since May!

Wayfaring Wanderer said...

I have found that breaking down my to-do list even further makes it a lot easier to manage, not to mention, less intimidating.

For example:
Clean the bathroom.
(Ugh, clean the bathroom!)

How it looks on my to-do:
-Wipe down sink and faucet
-clean mirror
-scrub toilet
-Sweep up gobs of hair (you have no idea)
-scrub tub
(I know it looks like more, but it really works better for me)

I've been getting all sorts of stuff done!

Buddha said...

Dear Lydia
I'll have to show the video to my wife! she keeps me away from the kitchen - that's her territory! Also here is a cut and paste of my answer to your comment on my blog:
I started blogging 3 weeks ago, just to let out some steam, and now I started to like and enjoy it. I have no Idea what I'm doing. I don't even know what "Technorati" is and I'm just starting to understand what a link is. - I put a share this button on my posts. Timethief is been giving me pointers and help me with the technical stuff, but I am such a klutz. If any body is reading this and has any sugestions please help! And yes you can reprint any of my posts the only thing I ask is to have my name and possible my blog mentioned. Thank you so much for your friendship!
Be loved!