Saturday, November 22, 2008

Thoughts from Finland about Green Living

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I've been meaning to share a link to a post at Finland Blog for some months now. Following
is J.T.'s introduction to his excellent article full of ideas and tips to realistically make a difference, each and every one of us, and I encourage you to enjoy the full post here:

Hi there readers,

For quite some time I've been trying to live a more greener life, not a hardcore one but a considering one, and trying to keep it "simple". It does make one feel good to accomplish something for a common good and often enough, it saves money - sometimes one can even make money with a greener living. So here are a few tips, which I'd imagine work almost everywhere, but work fairly easily in Finland, and some of them might even shed a light on how a finnish mind works :)
so here we go:

Thanks for writing such a thoughtful post, J.T. I'm already doing many of the suggestions you offered, but have been adding some from your list that I needed to get serious about. As an example, here is one that really resonated with me:

Have a frugal day once a week or frugal week once a month. You might be surprised what one can make out of stuff stored in cupboards and kitchens.

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Mainframeguy said...

I think the Scandinavians in general are better at more minimal living - they simply need to be in many cases (very little to work with on some of the Islands!).

You should check out Simple Sara from my blogroll, she takes declutter too far IMHO.

Also you SHOULD be able to comment on my blog no problem, just you have to select a post before you can comment on it. Amybe not intuitive, but I like comments where people took a little trouble.

I get very few thought, think my blog has little mass appeal, so hearing from you on either blog was nice.

Lydia said...

I will definitely check out Simple Sara, and thanks for the referral. :)
Also, thank you for letting me know what I did wrong at the comment factory. I don't know about mass appeal, but your blogs are absolutely unique and a stretch from the humdrum variety out there. Good for you!