Sunday, January 11, 2009

remember this affirmation

I was just inspired by a new post at the blog Inside Candy.

This borrowed affirmation seemed like a fit for an affirmation here too. The more I read it the more it seems to describe the mission for this blog.......

Remember, you naked agent of every nothing.

Forget to not

Remember, poet, while gallivanting across the sky,
Skylarking, shouting, calling names … Walk softly.

Your footprint on rain clouds is visible to naked eyes,
Lamps barnacled to your feet refract the mirrored air.

Exotic scents of your hidden vision fly in the face of time.

Remember not to forget the dying colors of yesterday
As you inhale tomorrow’s hot dream, blown from frozen lips.

Remember, you naked agent of every nothing.

- Bob Kaufman


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candy said...

Hello :) Thanks for the mention. Glad that you liked the Kaufman poem too.

Ted Bagley said...

I like it a lot.
It's says to me, "Be not what you seem."

Lydia said...

@ Candy- You are welcome! Thanks for your beautiful blog.

@ Ted- Good interpretation. :)