Monday, June 29, 2009

attention everybody, i'm simplified . . . or will be by summer's end

I don't understand some of this video, maybe because I'm unfamiliar with the cartoon itself. But I sure understand the throwing-the-hands-in-the-air-then-clutching-fists-to-chest-while-saying-"Attention-Everybody-I'm-simplified-I-had-so-much-stuff-in-my-office-there-wasn't-room-to-think-God!-I-was-suffocating-in-there-The-Clutter" part.

I took photos of each area in the upstairs room today with the intention of showing them to all of you. I think the embarrassment of having you see the clutter might be what I need to force myself to commit to the project of clearing it this summer.



Lille Diane said...

Oh my Goodness, Lydia.... I did the same thing when i first started this blog... You reminded me to finish what I've started. Thank you!

Don't be embarrassed. We all have those rooms, houses or cars just like that. I remember when a blogger, whom I admire SOOOO much, posted a few pics of her studio. I wanted to cry with joy. It was a mess just like mine!!!

But I hear you and will commit to fishing errrrr I mean flipping....OK crap, I'll commit to finishing my clutter hubs, too, as a support and teamie mentality for both of us!

Lydia said...

@Lille Diane- A support and teamie mentality sounds wonderful and it's what I hoped for as I straddled junk to get the shots that I will be posting. Really. You've never seen anything like this. We bought the house in 1998 and it's been used basically for storage ever since. That was compounded in 2000 with my mother's death and my acquisition of her possessions. When you see these pictures you won't believe me that each year we have given enough away to Goodwill to make a diff. in our taxes, and sold some things on ebay. Stay tuned.... (she smiles weakly :)

secret agent woman said...

That's brave of you, because it really does commit you to having to clear it out. Sometimes I think about how I want to get rid of half my stuff once the kids have grown up and moved on.

the watercats said...

We have a spare room/clothes storage/toy storage/christmas stuff/old school stuff/spare bedding/old diary/photos/suitcase/numerous papers/etcetc..... :-)
Every so often I go through it and throw stuff out the window into the yard, then bag it up and take it to either the dump, clothes recycling or charity shop.... The kid is quite attached to her soft toy collection though, currently numbering at least a million! :-D

Beth Niquette said...

Woohoo! You go girl!

My family and I have been doing this same thing a little at a time over the past three months.

It is not an easy task, that is for sure. ((hugs))

Lille Diane said...

I was just checking on you to see if you got buried....lol. I know it feels that way weeding through your life. I'm behind on my goal but hope to get caught up today a little more.

Keep plowing through one box at a time.

Lydia said...

@secret agent woman- Thank you for stopping by and leaving understanding comments. That empty-nest syndrome is something I never had because I didn't have children. I think I can see how it would be a great dividing line in time, and therefore an incentive to clear clutter.

@the watercats- I got a kick out of your description of throwing things out the window. I wish I could do that! But I think the neighbors would report me...
Get this: I still have many of my stuffed animals saved in a huge box. :)

@Beth- That gives me a sense of support knowing you're going through stuff too. The weather in the Willamette Valley sure has been too hot for heavy work the last two days though, Right? :)

@Lille Diane- You are so great! Your comment started the day out right for me. Very hot here, so I enlisted my husband (who had today off work) to help with a big grocery shopping. I usually "donkey" all those bags myself. I figure in a kind of weird way this was working toward my goal because I stocked up some and can stay on task rather than running errands after the weekend is over.
Take some time to relax for the 4th!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love Harvey Birdman - Attorney at Law! It's one of my favorite shows. I was actually just watching it last night. It's an episode by episode basis, so there's nothing that's happened before that anyone needs to know to understand it. It's just fast-paced, good humor.

I get to points of clutter sometimes, in my room, in life. But I sit and analyze what's in important right now, what will be important for the near future, and what I plan on using in the far future.

Lydia said...

@Samurai- If you ever record yourself analyzing one of those phases you described, please post it on one of your blogs!
So you know this Harvey Birdman character, eh? Thanks for explaining the way the episodes run, as it makes a bit more sense now. We don't get this one on our particular cable tier.