Wednesday, January 20, 2010

simply Devine

I have the walls of the kitchen/office stripped of everything ornamental and serviceable. It's been ten years since I painted this area and I need a change. I spend a lot of my time in this combined room and the thought came to me that it is like "operation central" for running the rest of the house, our lives.

I've been spinning my wheels in varying stages of organization and clutter-clearing in that mess of an extra room upstairs. But in spite of my efforts the final push to empty the room completely in order to paint and figure out what to do with the floor just isn't happening.....or not happening fast enough for me. This might be roundabout thinking, but I really believe that I need to make the changes to the kitchen and my office area before I will be able to focus on the more miserable tasks upstairs.

We went to a local paint store over the weekend and I bought a bunch of samples home to paint patches on the walls to find the right color. My husband thinks this is a waste of my time because "there aren't even any chips" in the paint currently on the walls. But he did accompany me to the paint store and his opinions helped me to settle on the samples I brought home.

I'll be using Devine Color, the marvelous paint that we had the professional painter use in the rest of the downstairs three years ago. I love this product, even love the way it is marketed. The link below, for instance, takes you to a Color Peek show that you have to see for yourself (embedding the slideshow is not an option at the site) because there is no way I could describe this to you! It's not a long show, only a few minutes, and I think you will appreciate the break in your day while viewing this feast for the eyes. Click the link below and...enjoy!



secret agent woman said...

Ever since I bought a home on my own and painted every room in the house I've been a big believer that you should surround your house in the colors that speak to you - colors that make you feel warmed or soothed or energized.

Lydia said...

secret agent woman: Yea! Validation! We bought this old house 11 years ago. The former owners had used a heavy Victorian theme throughout: dark green walls in LR, DR, , kitchen, bath, and laundry. The bathroom had a burgundy ceiling, and that color was carried over to the walls of the master bedroom. The LR, DR, master bdrm, and bath each had a loathsome border papered near the ceilings. The first thing I said in the tour was "We'll be changing the paint pronto." I did the kitchen/office immediately on my own (which is the current paint that is "not chipped at all" but that I am tired of). It took me nine years to convince my husband that change in the other rooms was vital, each year becoming more vital to my sanity. I finally gave up and hired a painter.....and the results were beautiful, as my husband has admitted.

I never bought a home on my own and admire you for doing so. What a marvelous feeling of autonomy that must be...

Phivos Nicolaides said...

Hi my dearest Lydia. Do you know that in Cyprus over 70% of the people own their houses? It's a strong believe in Greek culture that you have to own at least a shelter! Hugs. Philip

Lydia said...

Phivos: That is an amazingly high percentage of homeowners; very impressive! When I was single I tried to buy a house on my own but was literally laughed at by the loan officer. When I met Michael I was living in a nice rental condo and after we were married we lived there for three more years until buying this house. It is small and it is old, a sweet humble place that I love dearly. Michael has recently called it an albatross because of the upkeep (which I admit is beyond us right now) but I think of paying a landlord rent as being much more oppressive than having responsibilities for a home of your own (even if you are paying the bank for years for it!).

Beth Niquette said...

So, what colors did you chooose?

Lydia said...

Hi Beth! Well, I had left-over paint from the big professional job two years ago, so used up the luscious Devine Whip on the ceiling. It is on the ceilings of the other rooms he painted and he said that he would recommend it to other customers who were undecided as to which "white" to select for ceilings.

I purchased Devine Butter for the walls, and picked up some packet samples of heartier colors in case I want to do one wall in the office a darker color (I have Devine Teak tested on an area and have decided against that one). So far I've done the ceiling and spackling. This is a slow go for me - and I hope to have it finished by the end of the week.

I have quite a bit of Devine Ginseng (the LR/dining/bath walls) and Devine Glass (master bdrm) left over, but don't see using them when I finally take my roadshow upstairs to do that unused room. Stay tuned!