Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Exposing my stuff, thanks to Ronni and George

A huge THANK YOU to Ronni Bennett who posted this video at her blog in a marvelous post titled Letting Go of Stuff, in which she considers her upcoming move from Portland, Maine to........Portland, Oregon!
It's a great post and I highly recommend reading it.

I needed to see this video more than I can say! The photos here tell you why.

These shots are the ones I took of the upstairs room last June. I finally have the guts to share them, mainly, I guess, because I'm involved in a project downstairs that makes me feel less guilty that the upstairs room is still filled with stuff I do not want. I do not want it so much, in fact, that I do not want to even look at it.......which is a huge problem because I must sort in order to organize. In my defense I must add that quite a lot of this junk has been given away and/or taken to our storage unit in the past months. Maybe now by posting these shots I will find renewed energy to complete this horrid task. Will keep you posted.

I have not worn any of these clothes in over a year. In fact, I will probably never wear the majority of them again. Office suits (i.e., Nordstrom and Jones New York)? I left work in 2000. I sold and gave away four suits soon after, but the rest need to go...

The area by the windows is the only with any hint of what could be. Note that the floor needs work. Ideally, we would have bamboo flooring installed, but in this economy.....in this old house? One thing for sure: the floor decision cannot be addressed until the room is completely cleared out and painted.
Ideas are welcomed.



ALeks said...

Oh dear Lydia,this is coming as a great gift for me.Thank you for posting this brilliant video,it is just what I needed to stay strong in my fight against "stuff"!!
I started a week ago and it is just a beginning,I got one room to live in,to work in it,I mean as a studio,and to be able dance or do tai-chi or what ever without getting myself killed by piles of books,magazines,plants,and I believe I will be happier when Im done.So thank you again for sharing this you brave woman!
Light,love and peace,
Aleksandra :O)

Lydia said...

Aleksandra~ You cannot possibly know how much your message means to me! I think we are on our way to success, just knowing someone else who is battling their stuff. The video is priceless and I'm so glad that Ronni shared it with her readers.
Light, love and peace to you too (and it should be easier to come by once our space has been reclaimed).

Phivos Nicolaides said...

Nice staff dear Lydia and a very nice video. Hugs.

Ronni Bennett said...

One of the hardest parts of stuff is gifts from friends. Not always something you want, but you feel terrible throwing them out, so they sit somewhere gathering dust.

Nathalie said...

Great stuff, that George Carlin video!

Like everyone else I tend to accumulate stuff but I moved long distance fairly often in my life and every time I've been forced to let go of stuff that wasn't essential. Consequently I have very little clutter, and already more than I would like to.

secret agent woman said...

I love George Carlin and this is a nice bit of synchronicity for me as I've been purging my closet and working on some other de-cluttering tasks.

Ted Bagley said...

If I could only just walk around all the time. :)
Hope you're doing well, Lydia.

Lydia said...

Phivos~ Some of it is nice, but most of it I don't want! (I do love the plant.)

Ronni~ So true. I think it's easier to discard items given by family!

Nathalie~ Sorry to take so long to say welcome to my blog! From your comments I think you might be a great role model for those of us caught in the trap of stuff.:)

secret agent woman~ By all means, share any clues you come up with in your own de-cluttering. :)

Ted~ It would be a great way to not accumulate much, most definitely!
I'm doing well, thanks. And once again, happy anniversary to you and your wife!

Anonymous said...

OMG, the "stuff"!!! Garlin is a sweet, one of my favorites.

Now serious, the stuff is like stuff, but when you have to move it...