Thursday, September 2, 2010


My blogging friend, Lisa Allender (Lisa Allender Writes), wrote a post recently titled My Gratefulness List Tonight Will Be a Long One. She was kind enough to give me permission to reprint it below. (The artwork was not a part of her original post. I found it just for you, Lisa! This is the best image I could produce of it here. If anyone wants to see/buy the print click HERE.)

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What she wrote turned on a light inside my head...a super new way of looking at the old "to-do list" that can be so frustrating (and that my husband abhorred so much when I used to create weekend to-dos it caused regular arguments, so I stopped making them).

Lisa is a working actress who has some exciting projects going on. I hope to make a "done" list in the future that includes: Saw the movie that Lisa Allender is in and it was thrilling and she is great!

Below is the text of Lisa's post:

Auditions upcoming, an appointment with a highly-regarded talent agent, and a short film,"Just Us", that should be completed soon!
I cannot describe how empowered I am (finally!) beginning to feel. I suppose like a lot of artist-types, I'm not much of a "planner".I tend to "visualize" a goal, but it often takes me much longer to reach it than it would someone who lives only in the "9-5" world (folks who work ONLY there, in that they are not writing novels, poems, or acting for a living), not for lack of effort or work on my part, but because I am not as organized,or as "efficient" in terms of time management(which goes back to organizational-skills).
But I am excited, because I've even conquered that.
By not writing out "To-Do" lists, and instead, writing a "Done" list, once I've completed tasks.This puts the onus on me, to be fast, to be single-minded(verrrry difficult for me, because in my head it always feels like three or five--or ten things--are happening at once.), to get it done.
So,here's to completion, to getting things finished--in a more timely manner--and to uh, confidence!



Lisa Allender said...

Thank you, Lydia,for re-posting. Sweet of you! :)

secret agent woman said...

That's not a bad way of looking at life in general. (Although I'll probably never let go of my to-do lists, since I really need them for business-related tasks.)

Lydia said...

Lisa~ Thank you again for letting it be here. :)

secret agent woman~ Agreed! And I do see how you need to-do lists in business.