Wednesday, April 15, 2009

postal humor on tax day

On April 14 I placed our 2008 IRS tax return and a stack of other bill payments in our mailbox out front. Fully aware of the dangers in using the mailbox this way these days, I clipped everything together with the note above to our carrier (Thank you - this includes taxes - yuk!) and set it there 1/2 hour prior to when she can usually be expected to work our neighborhood.

Soon afterward I saw the mail truck in front of our house and felt relieved to have that bit of business out of the way. Later, when I retrieved our mail I found the paperclip and my note with our postal carrier's written reply (Double Yuk!).

I was surprised how her handwriting resembles mine.



Anonymous said...

I thoughtthe whole thing was in your handwriting. Yuck indeed - mailed mine off Monday.

Lydia said...

The similarity totally freaked out my husband! He said that if she wasn't the nice person we know her to be he'd be worried that she could use our mail in identity theft ways. Yuk!

Beth Niquette said...

What a delightful sense of humor you have!!!

Lydia said...

@Beth- Thank you kindly.....and also for the follow. :)