Saturday, March 20, 2010

yoga, and onward

Yoga Natarajasana by Elena Ray

Something clicked for me when I found this blog, Yoga90, and I have a new commitment to yoga and meditation practice. After being away from both for way too long, today was my seventh straight day in the first round of "Yoga...Everyday for 90 Days." The idea is to begin another round of 90 days upon completing the first one, and on and on.

I realize that, for me, nothing is more important than yoga. There are people and things as important as yoga, but not more. If I'm not connecting to my Self in this way I stop growing and I'm really no good to anyone or any cause.



Phivos Nicolaides said...

Commitment to yoga? New experiences Lydia!

Lydia said...

Yes, I must re-commit. I did yoga almost daily for six years and then lost track. I'm happy to practice it again. :)